Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Facebook.com: Future Ghost Town?

Posted by: Douglas MacMillan on April 27, Business Week: On Monday, the world’s largest social networking site opened parts of its code to the public. Now, third-party developers can build Facebook applications that will let users post status updates, share pictures and links, and interact with most other elements of the site without ever visiting Facebook.com. Apparently, the company is prepared to lose gobs of traffic and, in turn, revenue from display ads on the site.

I make a return from the busy to this little chestnut
I can harp on about this till I’m blue in the face. The fact is, if you give consumers exactly what they want, they’ll come flocking, in droves. Worry about the monetization later- get your valuation sky fucking high and then work out how best to plan your business model.
Not one company has really worked out how to monetize effectively in any case. Google is really the only one.

The overall lesson from this, in any advertising strategy- ALWAYS give your consumer what they’re after. Meet their need. You cannot fail if this is the case….

Speaking of which, that’s why I’m down a mine. I’m in the process of putting my money where my mouth is. Watch this space… xx