Friday, February 29, 2008

Visual Abuse

If I see this ONE MORE TIME on my Facebook banner I'm going to be sick.

It's not like JackMyers hasn't made me vomit before. Really.

And as if this is believable. Myers with 2 ladies? One is hard enough. I'm also quite disturbed by the image because of its deliberate effort to attract the male audience.

I know someone who gets those JackMyers newsletters. He told me that he didn't even sign up, he just started getting them. I can just imagine some drone combing the internet for any ad email addresses and adding them to the list.

Not only that, but read the caption. JackMyers (as this appears to be your string name), did you not read this article?? Leading people to believe that reading your newsletter will get them access to great parties. Has anyone ever been to any? Tell me the details.
It also seems to be grammatically incorrect. You can't have the 'best networking parties of the year'. Wouldn't it be the best networking party???

....JackMyers has the 'best networking parties' funny.
I'll be laughing into the weekend on that one which, concludes the idiot theme of the week.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Look! Look what happens if you do what the ad says

Apparently if you take Gardasil you can:
  • Play a sic drum sequence
  • Have excellent soccer skills
  • You can get a mobile camera phone and take pictures on highways
  • You will be able to dance
  • You can use scissors
  • You can use a skipping rope without hurting yourself
From this ad:
  • You can ride a horse
  • Make a t-shirt saying "One Less" that jumps from your monitor to your hands
  • Play baseball
  • Run fast in a marathon
  • Quilt (who the fuck wants to quilt?!)
  • Be a dumb flag waver...

I want an inquest for this! Jarvik- get on the case!!!!
I've had my vaccine, I can't do any of this shit! I've always wanted to wave a flag around like an idiot who has a double chin.

When can I be One Less?!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Continuing the idiot theme of the week

I think I have stumbled upon the worst ad in the world, although these days it just makes me laugh hysterically- like the time I saw one of the penguins in A Muppet Christmas Carol wearing an Alice Band in the end scene and had to rewind to laugh at it again and again. The ad is:
Hill Shire Farm: Go Meat.
With no views on their website, it's a fucking doozie.

If the embed doesn't work, click here. And watch it...

Each shot is one disaster after another from the old black lady trying to proposition the chief and the other black dude getting that weird psychopathic look in his eye, over the meat. Let's also not forget the little asian convict!

I've been pondering the old chestnut - "Is it good because it's so bad or is it just so bad?"
In this case it is just a fucking embarrassment. Not only are Hill Shire Farms paying an ad agency, the agency created it and some tool signed off on it! To add more insult to this massive injury there are a whole collection of them!

If I was an actor offered a role in this ad I would have said a resounding no. Lucky some of the guys in the ad are wearing disguises because if I was one of their friends I would be ripping them to shreds. Every day. I would even call them randomly and ask them "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??!"

And look what they are encouraging the kids of today to do. This is wrong. This should not be encouraged. This is the type of stuff that gives people nightmares. So if you are a little sensitive, I recommend not watching this.

This is where inquests should happen. One bad performance creating another bad performance. I'm seriously worried about the other travesties these girls could get themselves into. Teen pregnancy is basically the least of their worries.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pfizer Yanks Lipitor Ad

AdAge: Under Congressional Pressure, Drug Maker Says Jarvik Spot Was Misleading. Pfizer said it will pull its Lipitor ad featuring Dr. Robert Jarvik, and promised to do a better job of clearly presenting spokespeople in future advertising.

What total bollocks
An ad misleading....No??! How is that possible?
I've already commented about this crap here and here.
I was actually thinking about it the other day because I saw some dumb ad that was obviously misleading. How unsurprising that I cannot remember what it was. It could have been that lipstick that lasts all day, but really doesn't.
The point is, all ads dramatise benefits and utilise tactics to make people want to buy it. And if Lipitor works, what's the big deal anyway? It still works. As if some old fart is going to take Lipitor and then go out and row a boat.

There seems to be a theme lately:
- Idiots having opinions.
- Other idiots respecting those opinions
- All the idiots dancing together in their non-sensical, la-la-land paradigm sunset.

I hope to god that these people don't have children. This is when licences should be handed out to those who wish to bear the fruits of their loins.

Referred to idiots dancing in la-la-land paradigm sunset

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Outraged By "Dexter," PTC Wants Ad Boycott

Mediaweek: The Parents Television Council is calling for yet another advertising boycott -- this one aimed at companies that buy time in the CBS drama "Dexter." The show, imported from cable net Showtime, is being attacked for violent content and the PTC is also calling on CBS affiliates to preempt it. The main character works as a police blood-spatter expert who fulfills his murderous desires by doing in criminals. CBS has edited the show, but apparently not enough for the scolds at the PTC.

Here's a novel idea PTC, how about you just DON'T watch it!
Another case of social retardation.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I am well excited

Tomorrow is my debut for Coffee with Crayon in Second Life.

Come over at 9am and see my totally unhot and boring avatar because I have NO linden dollars.
Get your freak on!

Interactive ads shouldn't make false promises

AdAge: Although interactive ads generally yield greater consumer interest, the quality of the interactive pitch and choice of platform are keys to their overall success, according to a study commissioned by British digital shop Weapon 7. "One of the surprises of our study was that encouraging consumers to interact under false pretense, such as drawing them in with promotions they won't necessarily get, or if they feel tricked, can have an equally negative impact," said Steven Hess, the agency's managing partner.

There is a genius at the helm!
"One of the surprises of our study was that encouraging consumers to interact under false pretense, such as drawing them in with promotions they won't necessarily get, or if they feel tricked, can have an equally negative impact," Mr. Hess said. "It breaks the 'contract' you've established and damages your return on interest. Qualitatively, the reactions were quite strong to this breach of trust."

And I wonder how much that study cost?!
Clearly a logical person wanted to assess whether people enjoy being tricked and drawn into useless promotions would have an impact that is SURPRISING!!
What bollocks.
And then journalists (if you can call them that) write the article like this is new news!
What happens to all these people who work in advertising? They've either left all their common sense at the door or they're social retards. I prefer the term social retard, it's a personal favourite. So we'll stick with that!

Please only watch the first 17 seconds, the rest I'm sure, is painful

Consumer's heads and social fashion

Adweek: Marketers want to get inside consumers' heads
Coca-Cola Co. and Virgin Mobile USA are among the top marketers to use neuroscience and biometric research to understand how the human body responds to advertising. Such research reportedly has become cheaper and easier to conduct, due to advances in technology.

Financial Times: Social shopping comes into fashion
Social shopping will gain more traction in the fashion space as consumers increasingly rely on peer suggestions and reviews in making online purchases, according to this article.

Rationality- a great concept and not unfamiliar to those with a bit of common sense
1. Ummm, neuroscience people! Where have you been? We're all kind of leaving TV advertising as dead and boring.
Question: Did you look at the long lasting effects of this advertising as opposed to simply during the time that viewers were watching ads???
I'm sure if you would have kept your little electrodes going you would have found no response AS SOON as the advertising was over for that particular product.

2. I don't even know where to start on the social fashion thing. If you follow trends, great, then this is for you. It's always nice to know that 600 other people are walking down the street in the exact same ensemble as you. It adds to the self-confidence that you're doing something safe in number.
But I don't think this kind of program will eventuate, definitely not for premier high fashion or niche groups. In particular the fashion industry is driven by everyone loving something or hating something (by everyone I mean those select few voices who dictate what everyone should be loving or hating and then the masses following that). And real fashion for real people is driven by a sense of discovery and individualism. Real trend setters don't want to be told where to discover something, they discover and collate on their own. They create their own 'new' ways of doing things- that's why they are trend setters. And trend setters definitely don't publicise and encourage everyone to follow their trend. That happens organically.
This whole thing sounds like a bunch of try hards trying to get their sites off the ground. I.e their sites are called "Oh so you" and "I like totally love it". Not exactly sophistication.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sorry for not posting today

Was in Dallas!!!

Slightly amusing and has no correlation to last week's poster shot.

Monday, February 18, 2008

How to make shit cool

I've noticed a trend.
It's not too complicated.
It's about combining retro with anything modern*.
It instantly becomes interesting and desirable.
I've noticed it for a while, but it just continually seems to be popping up.

*excluding anyone 40+ (retro) who says 'cool' (modern). This does not work.

Note the examples:
Retro handset. I have one of these babies. It hangs off my jeans and when I answer the phone it is well fun. Link

Artistic examples
Rubik's cube or Mondrian composition with shoes. I also own these babies.

Recreate a famous painting in modern day, photographic format. Link

Artist makes pixelated stained glass windows. Link

Take 93 year old Grandma to Virgin megastore and make her do stuff.

I also enjoy futuristic movies. The outcome is inevitably something I call, "post modern contemporary". It's never really future. It's just future in spandex with robots and spaceships.
Blade Runner
Back to the Futures
The Matrices
And the list can go on....

Friday, February 15, 2008

Old skool thinking

Some introductory set-up content

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
I sometimes think this is the way traditional marketers view their audience. If I was seen in that light I'd also take that final route!
When we see traditional TV advertising and look at some of the advertising methods that are still used in today's world, it makes you think what the hell are marketers doing? Better yet, what are sales people thinking? Why are reps even providing such rubbish for marketers to buy? Yes, they want to make budget, but shouldn't they answer the consumer's need, not the media buyer's? If more consumers are interested, traffic will increase and naturally brands/products/marketers will come flocking.
It just makes me wonder how people (sellers) view other people (buyers) when we're all just people! Shouldn't there be some respect? You could even forget respect, just remember it is the consumer who has the $.

And it all comes down to....BENEFIT

In the diagram there is our little person/consumer. He is into consumerism, he likes having things. He likes to buy products which allow his individual life to function. This is the product element of the cycle. An individual buys in to a product, and this is where actual money changes hands.
However, people today expect more from a product than simply the product they’ve bought into. They expect utility. This is that added service, engagement, interaction which does not depend on money changing hands. The most important part of the utility is that the consumer gets an added value and a benefit from this interaction, regardless of whether they’ve already bought into the product or they’re a prospective customer.
The important part of the Utility component from an Advertiser’s perspective is this now forms part of their ad budget. New media and new marketing means reaching out to consumers in ways that really do mean one-to-one and really create an impact on a person. Furthermore, the custodians of a product (the staff) should be able to interact with people who actually buy into that product.
Messages and messaging just don’t cut it anymore. Advertising needs to be about creating experiences and increasing value in people's lives.

And I'm not talking airy fairy stuff. I don't buy that brand fluff. I'm talking actual user experiences where either a tangible or 'feel good' value is the takeaway from the experience.

So a product purchase may initiate utility usage and involvement. Or utility involvement may initiate purchase. Where that utility is placed in the world is extremely important. The real/virtual world combinations of media as drivers to or from each other ensure marketers reach eyeballs in the right places. And that's where those little arms in the cycle work. That's how you drive audience.

Driving audience, the next piece of the puzzle. That’s where the struggle is. Getting through the fragmentation and finding audience to impact usage and create sales.

BUT, If you want that part, you're going to have to pay me!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Facebook

Sara Peyton, O'Reilly FYI: A top ten list every parent of tweens and teens should check out. E. A. (Emily) Vander Veer, author of “Facebook The Missing Manual” compiled this list to help parents understand the Facebook phenomenon and learn how to keep their children safe.

Give me strength
This is as bad as 20/20 or my Australian counterparts (Today Tonight and ACA) which are actually worse for their 5 nights-a-week barrage! It's always a good idea to give neurotic parents further reason to worry.

"...nearly a third of online teens reported that on at least one occasion, someone had asked them sexual questions that made them feel uncomfortable."
Of course they've been asked! They're kids! If it doesn't happen online, it happens even more offline. I can't even number the amount of times those annoying high school boys or embarrassed girls tried to get any juice out of anyone during high school.

"Not only do they aggregate standard personal information...but also the kind of quirky stuff- she likes Green Day..."
Green Day!!! No wonder your kid has friends they've never met. If they listen to Green Day I'm not surprised that they can't make real friends.

"if your kid blocks your attempt to befriend her or shows you a limited profile, you can ask one of your kid’s teachers or friends to access your kid’s profile"
Leave your child alone! Don't invade their privacy. That's a great way to damage a relationship. If you're a parent who has given your child enough sense to interact in this world, then they should have enough know-how on how to behave. If not, they'll learn. There is no other school like the School of Hard Knocks!

When all else fails follow this example. Here's a kid who has had good training in life. Corey, the party liaison. He knows how to handle an over enthusiastic and 'quality' journalist.

It's Valentines Day

Well, Valentines Day is a complete wank. Such a waste of time and it makes people depressed. It is a marketing creation that should be destroyed.

However, I will shed my Valentines Day love on Project Runway. That show combined with Top Chef could keep me happy for a very long time.

Why are they so good?
The short time frames, the limited but wide open briefs, keep the creativity and the entertainment fresh.
Quickfires make me feel like I could do it and Heidi Klum's German accent makes me feel I can do that too: you outte!!

I almost feel like there should be an advertising series on Bravo. What would we call it? The Hacks? Might give some hope to people that there are still a couple of pieces of brilliance out there.

So we're at the tail end of Runway. Thank god Ricky, you and your tears are dead. I hated you and your poncy little emotional outbursts.
Rami, stop draping. I've had enough. If you can't listen to the judges encouragement to step out of your box you deserve to go back to Jerusalem (where you started designing at the age of 5 to escape from the political turmoil- yes we've heard it all before). And Christian, you are my fucking hero!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For Georgie

It's a slow day news wise, so why not.

Consider this your Valentines Day gift.
And yes, those breasts are real.

George's blog

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gen Y Unravels Global Branding Efforts, But Apple, Nike Triumph

Sarah Mahoney, Media Post: Consumers around the world are less inclined to believe any 'Made in ____' label. "Chrysler might be an American brand, but it's got a German owner, and the car you buy may well have been built in Canada or Mexico," says research firm Iconoculture. But another big issue is that younger consumers, especially Gen Y, increasingly "embrace products because they are unfamiliar, not because they are familiar."

Here we go again!
At least they're giving me something to write about.
I don't get it. What is the point of this research? What difference does it make if a brand is national, international or master of the universe*?
I feel slightly patronised and perturbed by this line:
Visa International...consumers really do believe 'It's everywhere you want to be'."

What is that supposed to mean? Gen Y, has fallen for it? They've taken your little branding trick and internalised it so it's real??
That's not the point of Gen Y. Gen Y gets it. They understand what you're trying to do as an advertiser. BUT - and a big but- if your brand comes across as genuine and not trying too hard to impress, then we respond.
Just like anyone trying to play that flirtatious game of flirting. If you come on too strong, they'll run a mile. If you keep it real, you'll most probably see the fruits of your labour.

2 other points of note:
  1. Cars- everyone talks cars by country, it's just the way it's always been.
  2. Australia- since we're on the topic of nationality, what the hell is the US obsession with my country? I just want to say that there is no special Australian shampoo, chocolate or shrimp on barbies. I walked past a store the other day that said if you see this symbol, it's made in Australia. Why do you even care?? Is it because we don't use any of the crazy chemicals and hormones that the US uses?
    Plus the word is pronounced "Ozzie" not "Au-SEE".

*I am a tad intrigued and amused by the American tendency to announce "We are the X's of the world" for example Football champions, when you're the only country that plays American football.

Note- the accent in this ad is totally fake. Only bogans talk remotely like that.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Ad shops must be built around communities

Adweek: Advertising agencies should restructure their services to become more "connected" to their clients' target audiences, by focusing on engagement and having consumers opt in to marketing, according to a new study by Forrester Research. "I don't think agencies are going away," said Peter Kim, a Forrester Research analyst and co-author of the report. "They're going to be the ones that help marketers to communities of mutual interest."

Hold on to that gag reflex, here it comes...
As I read the little blurb and clicked on the link, I anticipated the delight of reading absolute bullshit.

My instinct again proved right.

No.1: Being a marketer means that you can adapt to the different audiences. You learn to understand the audience and their different motivations. We use our understanding to devise a plan that will speak to the chosen audience in the right way.
That's why I love marketing- new challenges every day, understanding different people, knowing what buttons to press to have the desired effect. It's exciting to understand a different type of people, it's interesting to learn more about people (key word here - people, not consumer/target/etc).
Choosing individuals who represent each audience to actually perform the marketing work is boring, most of all lazy and just too limited. Simply, it's inefficient.
Think about how many permutations of various communities are out there???? What Forrester is posturing is preposterous.

No.2: This is simply code for "We're out of touch with our consumer" and you know what? Making up stories and not owning up to the truth is only going to make things worse. Own up to the problem that most marketers are completely out of sync with the rest of the world, take some responsibility and then, just maybe, things might start to get a little better.

Who comes up with these theories??????? You dinosaurs are all part of the same make up, Baby Boomer with a bit of Gen X thrown in for good measure. You guys have the blame game written all over you.

Will Ferrell shills in character for suds and antiperspirant

The Hollywood Reporter: Both Old Spice and Bud Light are rolling out TV spots, featuring comedic actor Will Ferrell in character as Jackie Moon from his upcoming New Line Cinema release, "Semi-Pro." Ferrell's appearance is part of a small but growing trend of top stars appearing in commercials for a film's marketing partners, according to this article.

Hmm, I have a feeling that some point missing is going on
The point is not that Will Ferrell is a celebrity endorsing a product. The point is that the movie gets further advertising out there by using the movie characters to endorse product.
It's weird because they clearly mention that in the article. Whoever summarised it (thank you AAF Smartbrief clearly missed that one)
The extension is great and I'm sure the ad will go great guns on the internet space that's around out there. I mean we all know about that great decline in Males 18-34 who actually watch TV.

Who cares anyway? I'd rather see more of Will Ferrell just pulling shit and hanging out with his mates than some dumb promo for a movie.

Friday, February 8, 2008

My introduction to the Decapitator

This is interesting. This guy the Decapitator, takes ads and re jigs the content to be decapitated. Funny. (Via Wooster Collective)

I've never seen this guy's stuff before, but I like it.
I can't tell if it's because:
  • I'm excited that people get involved in advertising and deface it in a way which makes it so much more exciting. It's like "Where's Wally" trying to find all the the ads that have been defaced.
  • Or, if the notion that it's intellectual graffiti? So witty yet making some kind of point at the same time.
It's like Banksy and I love Banksy (why isn't he going to be on My ooVoo Day??).

Where the Decapitator should be taking further action
This whole Dr Robert Jarvik thing. What the hell is wrong with him actually rowing? They mention all the conditions from taking Lipitor, they don't mention anything about rowing?? Now some Congressional Committee is involved. What a waste of time and money. Link

And maybe The Decapitator should make headway in the Battle of Bob Garfield V Steve Hall. They're having quite a showdown on the discussion of crappy ads in the Superbowl.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Yay for pancakes

And why is stop motion always so entertaining? I want my whole life to be stop motion.

Via Recogedor

Chinese Pandas and a 'pretend' doctor. Oh my!!!

The New York Times: Artificial-heart pioneer faces scrutiny over Lipitor ads
Dr. Robert Jarvik, who played a leading role in inventing the artificial heart, is facing scrutiny from a congressional panel over his appearance in TV spots endorsing Pfizer cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor. Jarvik, who touts the drug's effectiveness, is not a cardiologist, nor licensed to practice medicine. He also is not an oarsman, though he is portrayed as such in an ad that used a body double for scenes that depict Jarvik as rowing across a lake, according to this article. Jarvik did not comment for this article. Pfizer has stood by the spots' accuracy and themes.

NY Times: SalesGenie to pull talking panda spot amid viewer complaints is pulling a Super Bowl spot featuring animated pandas speaking with Chinese accents after receiving complaints from offended viewers. Vinod Gupta, chairman-CEO of parent InfoUSA, apologized for the spot, but said the company would not withdraw a second animated Super Bowl ad showing a salesman with an Indian or South Asian accent; the latter spot has not drawn as many complaints, he said.

Of course, it's only natural people would miss the point
I feel like this is one of those situations where the bad guy is trying to make a diversion to get attention off of something much worse. I don't know what it is, but something barmy is going on
Poor Dr Jarvik, he doesn't really row (and it appeared the rowing was just a technique for a cool graph line), he isn't a licensed practising doctor, but- guess what?? He is using Lipitor and it works!
Great that there is a competitor on the market and people will naturally flock to it in droves if it is cheaper. Goodbye Lipitor. But, no need to go crazy over the good doctor. Poor guy. I do wonder why he doesn't have a license though. I smell scandal.
In the end they re released the ad, but I'm already hearing that Jarvik has other skeletons in the closet.

Stereotypes are funny, that's why they're sterotypes
A panda. Not only that, a talking panda. Since when do Panda's f_cking talk??????
And a stereotype is a stereotype is a stereotype. People use them because they are FUNNY and pretty much harmless. If you get the joke, you know it isn't serious and if you don't get the joke it's just a talking panda.
It reminds me of the characters from Richard Scarry's Busy Busy World. The whole book is full of stereotypes and it's awesome. I think the Chinese rep is a Panda and speaks english with a Chinese accent and who would have guessed, but it's a tiger from India and a sneaky ass Fox from France!
Why don't people focus on the real issues? Like I've become massively addicted to chocolate and people should send and buy me some!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Now a word from our sponsors

ooVoo is pretty hot shite. You can do video conferencing with up to 6 peeps.
And let's also take a small pause to acknowledge that ooVoo is a client of my agency, crayon. We wouldn't want to be burned for lack of disclosure....

avec edited press pic

I called my mobile from it, I didn't know you could do that. It was free! Awesome. I love the free.
I'm telling the parentals about that one.

More free is that you can participate in "My ooVoo Day".
We've got together 20 bloggers/podcasters that you can chat to through the ooVoo. They've set up times over the next few weeks that you can sign up to.
I've chosen the Steve Hall. I'm an Adrants fan. His style of commentary has probably been an inspiration of my own. I probably shouldn't hope no one else joins, but I do. I want Steve all to myself.

And no, I'm not having an ooVoo session with my boss
Even though I am bamboozled by his fans, autograph signings and people's request for photos (yes, it has happened, I've seen it and was kind of amazed I don't exhibit this kind of behaviour after I saw Hot Chip on the street, couldn't remember Alexis' name and just started barking at them "hot Chip! HOT CHIP!!!" and they didn't even turn around).

Seriously, how many times have you written on someone's blog, feel like you know them but face it, you really don't!
This changes that.
Here's to getting Steve Hall all to myself

And a great new hot chip song. Yummy

The Bloggers

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Why I haven't blogged about MicroHoo

Because it is boring.
Some stupid big corporation again taking over another corporation. How exciting. Riveting.

Well, it was until this was brought to my attention.
It's a Flickr photo group entitled: "Microsoft, keep your evil grubby hands off of our flickr"

A nice little initiative, I'm definitely a fan.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Superbowl ads are a waste of time

Let's preface with the fact that I'm not a sports hater. In my time I've put in some yards:
I was at pubs in the middle of the night to watch games from the last World Cup.
I love my Swans. I was actually there when Tony Lockett kicked his 1300th goal.
I wreaked havoc as a volunteer at the Sydney Olympics, but that's a story for another time.

But, as I sat last night watching my first superbowl: trying to make sense of the game and trying to wait for these ads that would wow me, I was bored. Completely bored.
Thank god for my stash of relief magazines, my falsetto ad libbing any time Tom Brady came on screen "I'm so pretty, but my arm's tired" AND the last 10 minutes of game time, because otherwise this would really have been unsalvageable. I mean, I couldn't believe the number of times Eli Manning ran with the ball and only to be tackled almost immediately. Manning, from what I understand, you're job is to throw, stick to it!
Plus, some of those players are fat and I don't mean it in a nice way.

The ads: in a nutshell left a stale taste in mouth.
People, it's time someone told you- the Superbowl ad magic is over. I actually thought I couldn't take bathroom breaks because I was waiting for these fantastic bouts of creativity. The ads were so blah that I thought maybe some of them were part of a local buy, they couldn't possibly sell every single ad as a national buy. Today I know I'm wrong.

In the aftermath the realisation sinks in. The invitation for people to watch the ads on mySpace is a joke. Why do people want to watch shitty ads??? At 89,000 friends it's just a whole bunch of losers.
In the end, people only remember 2 or 3 of the ads and that's only because they were so focused during the ad breaks.
My final thought: these were boring old ads but bring on my ticker tape parade bitchez!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Absolutely awesome

The question is why are people using their valuable time to do stuff like this?? The world has gone crazy. People cry blue murder when their time is wasted but, they are willing to do cool shit with apparently no point.
People want to make an impact, they want to be part of things that happen in their environments. They don't want to be cogs that just rotate in the daily grind.

Guesstimate how many people were involved in this, how many participated, how many people will view online and how much it cost. The only fees were probably the filming and editing.

These viral/digital effects will be short-lived, but have big impact. The people there that day will never forget it and those few hundred people will begin the chain to something huge (at posting were at 1,700 views, let's see where it goes).
Marketing can harness these learnings to make fun for people. Marketing owes it to their consumers to finally give something back and get more value than passively viewing any form of an ad.

And my favourite quote "I can't move my car, there's hundreds of people FROZEN everywhere"