Thursday, February 14, 2008

10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Facebook

Sara Peyton, O'Reilly FYI: A top ten list every parent of tweens and teens should check out. E. A. (Emily) Vander Veer, author of “Facebook The Missing Manual” compiled this list to help parents understand the Facebook phenomenon and learn how to keep their children safe.

Give me strength
This is as bad as 20/20 or my Australian counterparts (Today Tonight and ACA) which are actually worse for their 5 nights-a-week barrage! It's always a good idea to give neurotic parents further reason to worry.

"...nearly a third of online teens reported that on at least one occasion, someone had asked them sexual questions that made them feel uncomfortable."
Of course they've been asked! They're kids! If it doesn't happen online, it happens even more offline. I can't even number the amount of times those annoying high school boys or embarrassed girls tried to get any juice out of anyone during high school.

"Not only do they aggregate standard personal information...but also the kind of quirky stuff- she likes Green Day..."
Green Day!!! No wonder your kid has friends they've never met. If they listen to Green Day I'm not surprised that they can't make real friends.

"if your kid blocks your attempt to befriend her or shows you a limited profile, you can ask one of your kid’s teachers or friends to access your kid’s profile"
Leave your child alone! Don't invade their privacy. That's a great way to damage a relationship. If you're a parent who has given your child enough sense to interact in this world, then they should have enough know-how on how to behave. If not, they'll learn. There is no other school like the School of Hard Knocks!

When all else fails follow this example. Here's a kid who has had good training in life. Corey, the party liaison. He knows how to handle an over enthusiastic and 'quality' journalist.

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