Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's Valentines Day

Well, Valentines Day is a complete wank. Such a waste of time and it makes people depressed. It is a marketing creation that should be destroyed.

However, I will shed my Valentines Day love on Project Runway. That show combined with Top Chef could keep me happy for a very long time.

Why are they so good?
The short time frames, the limited but wide open briefs, keep the creativity and the entertainment fresh.
Quickfires make me feel like I could do it and Heidi Klum's German accent makes me feel I can do that too: you outte!!

I almost feel like there should be an advertising series on Bravo. What would we call it? The Hacks? Might give some hope to people that there are still a couple of pieces of brilliance out there.

So we're at the tail end of Runway. Thank god Ricky, you and your tears are dead. I hated you and your poncy little emotional outbursts.
Rami, stop draping. I've had enough. If you can't listen to the judges encouragement to step out of your box you deserve to go back to Jerusalem (where you started designing at the age of 5 to escape from the political turmoil- yes we've heard it all before). And Christian, you are my fucking hero!


M.M.McDermott said...

If Ricky were anymore of a pussy, newborn babies would tumble from his open mouth.

And I've got boundless respect for Christian. He managed to attend the one public school in Baltimore where he wouldn't be forced to eat his man purse each morning. Plus he gets extra punk points for developing "Ferosha Cotoure".

I submit no one.

Wisey said...

And how could I forget Jillian. I don't know if I liked her so much in the beginning, but she has totally grown on me. The silent 'ballsy' killer!