Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wiiiisey is siiiicki today

I went to Jack Myers' little conference today. This guy likes to talk.
Lots of issues with the microphone and then the mic guy was going nuts.

I was sitting in the most awful seat possible. Everyone had to put their privates in my face to get past me. I am inclined to say that the mic guy harrassed me almost to the point of sexual harrassment, his privates were that close.

Listening to a lot of the crap coming out of Jack's mouth combined with the bad eggs going into my mouth, I didn't fare too well. I had to jump out of a cab mid trip I was feeling that bad.


There were some interesting comments made.

Jack: Younger people are obviously more likely to use this new* technology...
Obviously? What do you mean obviously. I know some kids who don't know anything about technology. If you can give me some statistics indicating that the vast majority of younger demographics use this apparent new technology, maybe i'll buy it. You can't make blanket statements like that Jack. What about everyone else??!

*New: who knew what he was talking about, he likes to blanket statement, it could have been anything

And on you Jack, you really love yourself. It's incredible. You just didn't stop talking. Inceredible. I think we went 20 minutes over time. You did one of these: "One last question...and while we're on that topic...let me finish with this..."

Mr David Levy from Turner: You weren't bad. Until you made a blunder. We'll get to the blunder soon. But initially Mr Levy commented that networks are recognising their shows as brands which is great. They really know how to use the digital medium well, because users can sample the content there and then. You can't do that with a tangible product. But credit to the networks, they are really using digital so well.

But then David said because of the 'new era' creative is going to flourish. We will see better creative executions than we have ever seen. I don't know about that. If there aren't any eyeballs to see it, then it won't really be that good. No one likes a self congratulatory creative industry...(hmmm, hang on a second)

And then we asked a question about consumer control, consumers having their say. They hate ads. Ads are being rejected, so don't we think that TV advertising will have less air time but come at a higher premium?

David Levy...he said some marketers did do that for Nascar, for one race. And the results were fantastic, but the marketers didn't want to do that for ALL the races. The marketers???? The MARKETERS!

Marketers need our help David. They are still stuck in the 80's, man. Marketers don't like everything that happens, and yes they have the dollars to put on your network, but consumers have the dollars to buy the product. If consumers don't like it they won't buy it. The channel has changed, get with the program.

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