Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Green Google

by Tameka Kee
Google unveiled its Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal, or REC initiative on Tuesday, a set of strategies and investments to back projects aimed at producing electricity from alternative energy sources. REC will work in conjunction with its philanthropic arm to initially focus on developing solar, wind and geothermal power systems. In the coming months, the company will hire engineers and energy experts, and partner with established renewable resource providers.

I want to marry Google
There is just something about Google. They have this aura around them that they just want to help the World. They don't have problems about making a mean buck. It's almost like all these ad dollars are lying around and they are just collecting them. In return, because they just have too much money, Google gives the surplus back.
I love you Google. I'll marry you, just give Sergey a haircut first

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