Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Verizon steps up to the plate

Verizon To Open Nework to Outside Devices
by Mark Walsh
Adapting to a shifting mobile landscape, Verizon Wireless said Tuesday that it will let customers connect to its network with any device or application that meets minimal technical standards starting next year. The decision to open up its network is driven by a rapidly expanding universe of options for mobile consumers, says Verizon's CEO.

This be what I'm talking about
Good work Verizon. I said it would need to happen in the U.S. sooner or later and Verizon is the first one out of the gates. Maybe they've been reading my blog?

Or it could be that Verizon is connected to it all makes sense. Vodafone completely shook up the marketplace in Australia with its array of options. Cap plans (pay $49 a month and get $310 worth of calls) were huge and I believe most carriers followed suit soon after. Users can take their phones and their phone number to whatever carrier they want. The internet is open. This is only Australia. Europe and Asia are even more advanced.

I can't wait to see this unfold in the US. While they're at it they should also abolish this rubbish of paying to receive calls. That is a joke.
The cap might not come into effect, but customer freedom definitely will. I can't wait to see AT&T squirm...

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