Thursday, November 29, 2007


I'm feeling a bit disillusioned today.

No articles are lighting the fire in my belly that makes me think "you're wrong buddy, you're crazy, where did you come up with such a cockamamie idea?"
"Great work, whomever you are. You're really thinking about the consumer and where people want to go, I applaud you."

Everything is just so dreary and reeks of sameness
The same of:
  • What magical features 30 second spots need to work. Link
  • Some social network is worth another 600 billion trillion zillion dollars. Link
  • What marketers wish for- you know, cool, sexy ideas that make customers watch TV so they don't have to do the same old crap that they've been doing. Basically, hoping for some miracle so they can stick to what they have always done. Link
  • Someone bitches about some other media company and piracy and the strike. Link
  • Some other media company taps into some media data which only offers insight to a particular type of isolated audience. Link
  • Bloody Facebook pops up every 3 seconds like the media slut it is. Comparable to the frequent re-entry into trouble by Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan. Link

This isn't keeping it real people. That's what we need to do. Keep it real. Be true to the people, give them what they want.
I even met some audacious sales rep this week who challenged me on the notion that his product was going to save the TV ad industry?!
I had to laugh out loud, as you would, and double check he actually said that. Lofty claim, and I'm actually kind of happy TV ads are dying. No one likes them, unless you need a toilet break or to make a cup of coffee. And once the whole world has DVRs (in a few years, so it won't reflect the current usage audience), then the pause button will be utilised.

Song of the day (C/O DiCarlo)

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