Monday, February 11, 2008

Will Ferrell shills in character for suds and antiperspirant

The Hollywood Reporter: Both Old Spice and Bud Light are rolling out TV spots, featuring comedic actor Will Ferrell in character as Jackie Moon from his upcoming New Line Cinema release, "Semi-Pro." Ferrell's appearance is part of a small but growing trend of top stars appearing in commercials for a film's marketing partners, according to this article.

Hmm, I have a feeling that some point missing is going on
The point is not that Will Ferrell is a celebrity endorsing a product. The point is that the movie gets further advertising out there by using the movie characters to endorse product.
It's weird because they clearly mention that in the article. Whoever summarised it (thank you AAF Smartbrief clearly missed that one)
The extension is great and I'm sure the ad will go great guns on the internet space that's around out there. I mean we all know about that great decline in Males 18-34 who actually watch TV.

Who cares anyway? I'd rather see more of Will Ferrell just pulling shit and hanging out with his mates than some dumb promo for a movie.

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nataree said...

hey skankalicious - hilarious video. wait, was that your point? how's your haircut