Monday, February 18, 2008

How to make shit cool

I've noticed a trend.
It's not too complicated.
It's about combining retro with anything modern*.
It instantly becomes interesting and desirable.
I've noticed it for a while, but it just continually seems to be popping up.

*excluding anyone 40+ (retro) who says 'cool' (modern). This does not work.

Note the examples:
Retro handset. I have one of these babies. It hangs off my jeans and when I answer the phone it is well fun. Link

Artistic examples
Rubik's cube or Mondrian composition with shoes. I also own these babies.

Recreate a famous painting in modern day, photographic format. Link

Artist makes pixelated stained glass windows. Link

Take 93 year old Grandma to Virgin megastore and make her do stuff.

I also enjoy futuristic movies. The outcome is inevitably something I call, "post modern contemporary". It's never really future. It's just future in spandex with robots and spaceships.
Blade Runner
Back to the Futures
The Matrices
And the list can go on....


Matt McDermott said...

Yes, retro is always a popular theme, thriving on the circular nature of style. I'm sure there's a mathematical equation that someone at MIT will one day put together to predict exactly when certain trends will go in an out of style based on some complex formula that factors in social/political climate, aesthetics, and whether or not Cher ever touched it.

And kudos on the granny punkification pic. I got mine to wear an Ecko hat sideways and flash Baltimore gang signs one Thanksgiving.

Family, it's really all there is when you strip away all else, you know?

nataree said...

hey sluto-

found this on geeksugar's blog. you beat that ho to it!

- nath

Anonymous said...

Your shoes or the rubicks cube don't have anything incommon with Mondrian. Find out the rules of neo-plasticism.

Justine said...

Where did you get your Rubik's cube shoes? :)