Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gen Y Unravels Global Branding Efforts, But Apple, Nike Triumph

Sarah Mahoney, Media Post: Consumers around the world are less inclined to believe any 'Made in ____' label. "Chrysler might be an American brand, but it's got a German owner, and the car you buy may well have been built in Canada or Mexico," says research firm Iconoculture. But another big issue is that younger consumers, especially Gen Y, increasingly "embrace products because they are unfamiliar, not because they are familiar."

Here we go again!
At least they're giving me something to write about.
I don't get it. What is the point of this research? What difference does it make if a brand is national, international or master of the universe*?
I feel slightly patronised and perturbed by this line:
Visa International...consumers really do believe 'It's everywhere you want to be'."

What is that supposed to mean? Gen Y, has fallen for it? They've taken your little branding trick and internalised it so it's real??
That's not the point of Gen Y. Gen Y gets it. They understand what you're trying to do as an advertiser. BUT - and a big but- if your brand comes across as genuine and not trying too hard to impress, then we respond.
Just like anyone trying to play that flirtatious game of flirting. If you come on too strong, they'll run a mile. If you keep it real, you'll most probably see the fruits of your labour.

2 other points of note:
  1. Cars- everyone talks cars by country, it's just the way it's always been.
  2. Australia- since we're on the topic of nationality, what the hell is the US obsession with my country? I just want to say that there is no special Australian shampoo, chocolate or shrimp on barbies. I walked past a store the other day that said if you see this symbol, it's made in Australia. Why do you even care?? Is it because we don't use any of the crazy chemicals and hormones that the US uses?
    Plus the word is pronounced "Ozzie" not "Au-SEE".

*I am a tad intrigued and amused by the American tendency to announce "We are the X's of the world" for example Football champions, when you're the only country that plays American football.

Note- the accent in this ad is totally fake. Only bogans talk remotely like that.


Auntie Christ said...

Sounds like the agency just used this for a needle drop and tweaked it enough to not get sued:


Matt McDermott said...

Uh, just the idea that Of Montreal would not only sell out their single, but rewrite the whole damn thing as an Outback jingle, makes me die a little inside.