Friday, February 29, 2008

Visual Abuse

If I see this ONE MORE TIME on my Facebook banner I'm going to be sick.

It's not like JackMyers hasn't made me vomit before. Really.

And as if this is believable. Myers with 2 ladies? One is hard enough. I'm also quite disturbed by the image because of its deliberate effort to attract the male audience.

I know someone who gets those JackMyers newsletters. He told me that he didn't even sign up, he just started getting them. I can just imagine some drone combing the internet for any ad email addresses and adding them to the list.

Not only that, but read the caption. JackMyers (as this appears to be your string name), did you not read this article?? Leading people to believe that reading your newsletter will get them access to great parties. Has anyone ever been to any? Tell me the details.
It also seems to be grammatically incorrect. You can't have the 'best networking parties of the year'. Wouldn't it be the best networking party???

....JackMyers has the 'best networking parties' funny.
I'll be laughing into the weekend on that one which, concludes the idiot theme of the week.


Studio Maven said...

A person like this is so self enamored that their most fervent wish is to be limber enough that they could... Then they wouldn't need anyone or anything.

I was at the DraftFCB merger rally at a hall in midtown Manhattan. It was so nauseating that I had to leave in the middle. Started my job search the next day.

Studio Maven said...

Years back at a Kirshenbaum anniversary party, the founder hired several "models" (girls so emaciated they were their own coat hangers) to pose for some publicity shots. Hands up, arms splanged out at odd angles, equally nauseating. Do I have to become a serial narcissist to get rich? Or can I just pretend to love ever fiber of my own being?

Wisey said...

Studio Mave...

Why are you so secret??
Don't you want to hang out with Georgie and I next week?!

Studio Maven said...

If you were once incarcerated in a Sag Harbor dungeon, you'd be a little leery also. The only reason I escaped was the fact that my captors (in an uncharacteristic show of thrift) used cheap Hungarian velcro to bind me, instead of the far superior Yugoslavian kind (better tensile strength). I did enjoy the huge collection of Ming Dynasty cherubs, however.

Plus the fact that I am feebly attempting to create a false aura of mystery (where none actually exists).

I would (and am prepared) to pay for the privilege. Only just realized you're a local. This makes life infinitely more interesting.