Thursday, February 28, 2008

Look! Look what happens if you do what the ad says

Apparently if you take Gardasil you can:
  • Play a sic drum sequence
  • Have excellent soccer skills
  • You can get a mobile camera phone and take pictures on highways
  • You will be able to dance
  • You can use scissors
  • You can use a skipping rope without hurting yourself
From this ad:
  • You can ride a horse
  • Make a t-shirt saying "One Less" that jumps from your monitor to your hands
  • Play baseball
  • Run fast in a marathon
  • Quilt (who the fuck wants to quilt?!)
  • Be a dumb flag waver...

I want an inquest for this! Jarvik- get on the case!!!!
I've had my vaccine, I can't do any of this shit! I've always wanted to wave a flag around like an idiot who has a double chin.

When can I be One Less?!

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