Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Continuing the idiot theme of the week

I think I have stumbled upon the worst ad in the world, although these days it just makes me laugh hysterically- like the time I saw one of the penguins in A Muppet Christmas Carol wearing an Alice Band in the end scene and had to rewind to laugh at it again and again. The ad is:
Hill Shire Farm: Go Meat.
With no views on their website, it's a fucking doozie.

If the embed doesn't work, click here. And watch it...

Each shot is one disaster after another from the old black lady trying to proposition the chief and the other black dude getting that weird psychopathic look in his eye, over the meat. Let's also not forget the little asian convict!

I've been pondering the old chestnut - "Is it good because it's so bad or is it just so bad?"
In this case it is just a fucking embarrassment. Not only are Hill Shire Farms paying an ad agency, the agency created it and some tool signed off on it! To add more insult to this massive injury there are a whole collection of them!

If I was an actor offered a role in this ad I would have said a resounding no. Lucky some of the guys in the ad are wearing disguises because if I was one of their friends I would be ripping them to shreds. Every day. I would even call them randomly and ask them "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??!"

And look what they are encouraging the kids of today to do. This is wrong. This should not be encouraged. This is the type of stuff that gives people nightmares. So if you are a little sensitive, I recommend not watching this.

This is where inquests should happen. One bad performance creating another bad performance. I'm seriously worried about the other travesties these girls could get themselves into. Teen pregnancy is basically the least of their worries.


Studio Maven said...

Those naughty nitrates.

Wisey said...

This ad still make me laugh.
Why is it so international? Why do all these different nationalities work at THIS particular precinct.

When will my life questions be answered....?