Friday, February 1, 2008

Absolutely awesome

The question is why are people using their valuable time to do stuff like this?? The world has gone crazy. People cry blue murder when their time is wasted but, they are willing to do cool shit with apparently no point.
People want to make an impact, they want to be part of things that happen in their environments. They don't want to be cogs that just rotate in the daily grind.

Guesstimate how many people were involved in this, how many participated, how many people will view online and how much it cost. The only fees were probably the filming and editing.

These viral/digital effects will be short-lived, but have big impact. The people there that day will never forget it and those few hundred people will begin the chain to something huge (at posting were at 1,700 views, let's see where it goes).
Marketing can harness these learnings to make fun for people. Marketing owes it to their consumers to finally give something back and get more value than passively viewing any form of an ad.

And my favourite quote "I can't move my car, there's hundreds of people FROZEN everywhere"

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Anonymous said...

It really doesn't get any better than Improv Everywhere. And to my knowledge, no marketers have found ways to work with these guys. Good find.

But shouldn't you be grousing about the Microsoft+Yahoo merger?