Monday, February 4, 2008

Superbowl ads are a waste of time

Let's preface with the fact that I'm not a sports hater. In my time I've put in some yards:
I was at pubs in the middle of the night to watch games from the last World Cup.
I love my Swans. I was actually there when Tony Lockett kicked his 1300th goal.
I wreaked havoc as a volunteer at the Sydney Olympics, but that's a story for another time.

But, as I sat last night watching my first superbowl: trying to make sense of the game and trying to wait for these ads that would wow me, I was bored. Completely bored.
Thank god for my stash of relief magazines, my falsetto ad libbing any time Tom Brady came on screen "I'm so pretty, but my arm's tired" AND the last 10 minutes of game time, because otherwise this would really have been unsalvageable. I mean, I couldn't believe the number of times Eli Manning ran with the ball and only to be tackled almost immediately. Manning, from what I understand, you're job is to throw, stick to it!
Plus, some of those players are fat and I don't mean it in a nice way.

The ads: in a nutshell left a stale taste in mouth.
People, it's time someone told you- the Superbowl ad magic is over. I actually thought I couldn't take bathroom breaks because I was waiting for these fantastic bouts of creativity. The ads were so blah that I thought maybe some of them were part of a local buy, they couldn't possibly sell every single ad as a national buy. Today I know I'm wrong.

In the aftermath the realisation sinks in. The invitation for people to watch the ads on mySpace is a joke. Why do people want to watch shitty ads??? At 89,000 friends it's just a whole bunch of losers.
In the end, people only remember 2 or 3 of the ads and that's only because they were so focused during the ad breaks.
My final thought: these were boring old ads but bring on my ticker tape parade bitchez!

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