Thursday, February 21, 2008

Outraged By "Dexter," PTC Wants Ad Boycott

Mediaweek: The Parents Television Council is calling for yet another advertising boycott -- this one aimed at companies that buy time in the CBS drama "Dexter." The show, imported from cable net Showtime, is being attacked for violent content and the PTC is also calling on CBS affiliates to preempt it. The main character works as a police blood-spatter expert who fulfills his murderous desires by doing in criminals. CBS has edited the show, but apparently not enough for the scolds at the PTC.

Here's a novel idea PTC, how about you just DON'T watch it!
Another case of social retardation.


Matt McDermott said...

Christ, I despise these folks who pin the responsibility of child rearing on everyone but the parents themselves.

Another example of a special interest group puffing its chest up to appear larger and more important than it really is.

nataree said...

please tell me that google actually asked you to enter "retard" to verify login. next i wanna see you type in "cunt".... how ruthlessly vulgar.