Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Watch out Facebook. Google is on your tail...

Google alliance to roll out OpenSocial system
The New York Times
Google, in collaboration with, Oracle and other firms, will introduce an open system that enables Web programmers to create and embed applications in multiple social networks without the need to customize the codes. The OpenSocial system is intended to compete with Facebook, which recently invited developers to create applications to run on the Facebook site.

Who wins...the consumer!
When are we going to get a TV show that talks of the riveting back stabbing, oneupmanship, jumping ship sagas, trials and tribulations of the online media platforms??

I don't really care about this stuff. It just means a better outcome for the consumer and that's what matters.
In the end, if your target is on Orkut, you'll buy there. If there on Facebook too, you'll go there.

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