Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Analysis: What Google vs. Facebook means for social-network ads

Google and Facebook are offering very different views of the future of online advertising, with Facebook targeting social-network users within a membership-based "walled garden" and Google adopting a more "run-anywhere" approach to social-network applications and advertising, this article says.

I totally disagree
This could potentially be in my top 10 of ridiculous reads.
This article says Google is scared of Facebook. I don't think that's the learning from this at all.

Facebook opened up their platform, and as a result we learned how powerful and beneficial it is to do so. Google isn't scared of it, they are embracing it. The more minds that work on Android, the better it will be for everybody. It will have the potential to meet every fragmentation and permutation of interests that user bases are having.

The beauty of Google is that it filters information and it does it well. The massive proliferation of so much information has made filtering one of the most important tasks a user performs. Because of that, Google will never drop off consumers' radar. No other platform seems to be able to do it as well as Google can and I don't think anyone in the near future ever will.

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