Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Are your Sales Reps more a hindrance than a help?

I've seen a lot of sales reps. Some are better looking than others, some give better gifts than others, which does help the process.

But, I do love dance we dance: Reps want to schmooze you in return for your $.
However, it doesn't really help when all they tell you is how cool they are and where they're taking you for lunch, instead of giving you a media offering you can actually buy into.

I have had instances where reps have said the following:

"I know your client does online marketing"
Good one, guy! I work in an online agency

"Who is your client again??"
Are you kidding me?? You have come to a meeting and you don't know who my client is??
I can tell you've prepared for this meeting and you're going to have some great ideas for me...

"X may be a fit for you client, sign here!"
Why? What? Why is it a fit? How will it help me? How do you reach that conclusion?

"You can buy banner ads"
Thanks bucko. I can always buy a banner ad. I'm meeting you because I want to know if we can further the relationship and create deeper engagement and interaction for the user. I want to actually offer my target consumer some value beyond a banner ad.

So, the time has come and I have put my foot down.
No more meetings with Sales Reps who cannot step up to the plate.
No more meetings with Sales Reps who have not done their research on my client.
No more meetings with Sales Reps who cannot back up their ideas with data and support information.

Sales reps are getting slack. They just want your dollars on their medium. They forget the playing field has changed and things aren't as simple as they once were.
Yes we need banner ads to support any ad program we do, but the publishers/providers need to think about how their product can benefit ours further than before.

Let your reps know this (maybe not in such sarcastic language) and hopefully we'll be able to work better together in the future.

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