Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Google is not evil

Google's Road to Ubiquity
The Washington Post
Google's recent moves-OpenSocial, Android and the Open Handset Alliance, and enhancements to Google Maps and its Gmail email service-indicate the Web giant is on the path to ubiquity. The company wants all Internet users to do everything online, and store everything they do online, from sharing digital pictures to creating spreadsheets.. The company calls it "cloud computing," which refers to the ready accessibility of Google's vast database of information from any device, anywhere across the globe.

Google wants its users to always be connected, so it can constantly send relevant advertisements their way, all day. The so-called "cloud" might seem like a win-win situation, but Yankee Group analyst Jennifer Simpson warns that some users will be leery of handing over so much information to one company.

Ummm, you're missing the point!!
I really and truly believe that Google exists because of the small guy. They want to facilitate the net and make it easy for the regular punter to navigate.
They make a crap-load of money off all the search features which means they can allow themselves to develop in other more fantastical ways.
I don't think Google wants to invade lives, they see what people want and need and they try to help make that happen. The only mistake they've ever made, in my opinion, is not doing the Open social thing earlier. That's where Facebook won and Google was having a nap.

In all honesty sponsored ads aren't annoying. They're easily ignored and it is just text, nothing flashy and invasive.
So I say to Google- keep it up. Don't worry about these media commentators who really don't know their rear end from their mouth (ooh, that was nasty, I like it!!).


Gavin Heaton said...

Google is fundamentally changing the ways in which we mediate ourselves ... not just online, but through a whole range of offline initiatives, acquisitions and partnerships. Perhaps we will never know exactly how all pervasive this is.
Enabling the "small guy" is great, but it is only a side effect. The great power of Google is in aggregation, real time trends and predictive analysis. It's not a matter of invading our lives but owning the platform through which we come in contact with brands, communities and advertising.

The Digestif said...

Thanks Gavin,
In the end, I still think Google is for the benefit of everyone. Brands and advertisers can use the data that is collected to create more efficient campaigns. The consumer is pretty much oblivious to the whole process.
People may cry privacy outrage, but most individuals don't care or seem to realise it is for their benefit.
Because the consumer still wins in the end (in terms of better served advertising) and so do brands and advertisers. They reach the people they need to and hopefully in a 'nice way'. You know, politely!