Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Reps are finally going to learn how to sell?

Upstream To Launch Nationwide Digital Ad Sales Training Program
by Tameka Kee
Upstream Habitat will offer an "intense, end-to-end training solution for digital salespeople, whether they want to focus on creativity, targeting, strategy, or knowing how to deliver an audience." The company is pegging Upstream Habitat as an avenue for major media brands, digital agencies and independent publishers that want to ensure that their junior sales reps and seasoned vets are crafting the most effective ad buys and strategies.

Let's pray they learn something
Personally, I'm tired of sales reps. They don't understand the difference between a new platform and a new way to advertise. I don't care about new platforms, if it's an iteration of the 300 before it. And if you are a provider with an existing property and work out a new way to advertise that doesn't involve a banner - I wanna hear it!
There is a whole world of sales rep out there who are oblivious to the fact that they need to tailor their properties for individual brands. They don't understand that even if a property is "cool" it may not fit a brand's rationale.
I just hope Upstream takes that into consideration beyond reps merely meeting their sales budgets.

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