Friday, November 16, 2007

SMS = a path to purchase

Retailers reach out and text shoppers
The Wall Street Journal
Major department stores are ramping up their mobile-marketing campaigns in a bid to attract more holiday shoppers. Retailers are offering everything from alerts, free downloadable media and discount tips via mobile Web sites. While mobile has yet to catch on as a major advertising medium, marketers look with hope to research that shows around 60% of American cell-phone users engage in text messaging.

Nice work
Even though I can only read half the article (no subscription), it's a nice initiative. It could get a bit spam like if they don't keep a good control on it, but I'm sure they have a handle on it.

And what's this silliness they mention about "Catching on as a major ad medium"- banners on mobile??? I'm shocked.
It's a different platform, users interact with it differently to PC and web browser. You therefore have to take different strategies and processes on mobile. It is a more functional medium, that's why the text messaging is effective.
I'm afraid a banner ad, or pure advertising just won't cut it. People may buy it, it may exist, but we're smarter and I think we can do much better.

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