Monday, November 12, 2007

Study finds growing demand for product reviews

A study by PowerReviews and E-Tail Group found consumers increasingly are consulting consumer-generated reviews of products before making online purchases. The study also reports that 82% of "social researchers" -- frequent online shoppers who habitually seek out customer reviews before making a purchase -- said they found reading reviews more helpful than talking to an in-store employees.

Snap out it!
Ok, this topic has been bashed to death.
Customer referral, conversation around a product, it's the new age. We live it. It's time to start utilising this and stop talking about it.

And another thing...why don't customers find in-store employees helpful? Well, from my experience they are the most disinterested bunch with no motivation, understanding or knowledge of the products that they are selling.
Sales staff seem to require a total overhaul to meet consumer need. Or another option could be to redefine of the term "Sales assistant" to "disinterested body employed to be in store" to reflect their actual status.

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