Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Web 2.0 needs users to be successful

With So Many Start-Ups, Only You Can Save Web 2.0
Just as Social Security won't allow every baby born this year to retire in 2072, the harsh reality is that there will not be enough ad dollars to go around, writes Steve Rubel.

Don't forget: Web 2.0 is in test phase
This article is good. It makes you realise just how vast the internet is. Some sites get 10 hits, some get 25 million. All of them seek monetisation through advertising as the seed to make money.
It's time these people woke up.

Advertising i-s-n-t working like it used to. We have to be more creative, more solid and more real with what we do.
We really have to understand the market. And that doesn't mean in the online space, it means in their real world interactions as well.

If you want to audit your current campaigns, or even think about how to do something better, come ask me. I don't bite (well I do, but it depends on my mood)

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