Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yahoo and Google go into battle

Yahoo! to use mobile as distribution platform
Rather than try to create an operating system for mobile devices, Yahoo! is looking to provide content and Web services like maps, e-mail and search in partnership with handset makers and wireless carriers.

A battle of mights
This will prove interesting. No doubt.
Yahoo is making alliances with carriers, Google with technology.

A couple of points:
Since banners are background, we'll focus this debate on search-
  • Who often always gets it right and subsequently wins? Google
  • No matter what happens, if Google continues the way they are, they will always be at the forefront of search. Whether it be on mobile, net or TV internet a user who is a Google advocate will always subscribe to Google. So, I guess another Google win here.
  • If wireless access continues to remain slow, most users will just use what they've got- ie stick with the default page for a Yahoo win.
  • Yahoo has gone global with this which is interesting. They haven't even touched the US market. Probably because America is the only country that I know of, where carriers have such a hold on the market. In most other markets the consumer always wins (the way it should be in my opinion) and as most models have already trended towards this, I feel like the carrier leadership will at some point drop off and focus on technology. i.e Another Google win
  • VoIP- if VoIP takes over traditional telecommunications and shatters the current telcom companies in operation, it will all be about technology and Yahoo will have lost out. So Google
  • Phone carriers in the States continue to dominate. If they fix their strangle hold - Yahoo could win if users continue to stay on deck.
So we'll see how it pans out. Search is definitely a key platform within mobile. But, everything is iffy, we're still in transition phases. There is no doubt in my mind that within 3 years, a mobile phone will be a mobile computer with fully integrated internet.

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