Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Analysis of piracy and Social Networks by the EU

Wendy Davis: EU Calls for Closer Look at Privacy and Social Networks
An arm of the European Union Tuesday called for a closer look at whether practices at social networking sites violate users' privacy. In a 32-page report, "Security Issues and Recommendations for Online Social Networks," the EU's European Network and Information Security Agency highlighted a number of potential privacy pitfalls for users of social networking sites.

They look at a couple of interesting things. Primarily our little media whore, Facebook.

If Facebook is legislated to change within the EU, I can't imagine why they wouldn't change their infrastructure to change globally. It seems logical to me that if the EU gets the ball rolling, a lot of other countries will step into line too.

If Facebook doesn't choose to go the user friendly approach, I think we'll begin to see surges in the populations of Bulgaria and Latvia.

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