Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another key point forgotten in keeping Gen Y happy in the ad industry

Tara Lamberson, AdAge: How to Hang on to Digital Talent
What's Going on in Their Heads as They Decide Whether to Stick With You
Anyone on the hiring end knows that digital agencies are suffering from a worsening talent drought. You can probably bank on the fact that some of your sharpest talent has one foot out the door. For that reason, you've got to be sure you're tuned in to what your employees are thinking, what they want and what might be driving their dissatisfaction.

Tara, VP, come out of your Ivory Tower
Listen Tara, this is a great list. But, it turns to crap when you forget to value your employees accordingly and remunerate them sufficiently. Even thinking about them from time to time and giving them a small bonus doesn't hurt.

I don't know who you spoke to, but I think you may have spoken to some people who didn't want to tell you the real truth.
I have seen so many cases and even experienced scenarios where Junior to Mid level employees are treated like crap, just because they can be. They are young, still getting their feel for the industry. What they don't realise is they are in a shortage.
Most people are smart and don't want to succumb to the bad hours, low wages and mistreatment incurred at most ad agencies so they choose another profession. And those who do, well, they sometimes feel at the mercy to their employers without realising the small amount of power that they do have. You can't get much work done without support staff, can you?

Hmm, it appears I may have some baggage....

So to all those people who have taken my advice and decided to walk out that door for the crap treatment, I applaud you. You don't deserve this lack of respect, these undervalued sentiments. If you add value, you should be recognised for that and they have been. Elsewhere!

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