Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The culture of the "blogger"

I'm in it, but I don't fit.

I'm not hard core and I don't want to be.

These bloggers, tweeters, 2nd Lifers and AIMers (2 out of 4 ain't bad for my own tally), whisper under their breath when they meet someone "Are the a blogger? An A lister?"
When they find out the daily hits only measure in the 40s there are two things that go through the once outcast, now pro blogger:

A. Loser, if they are only a B-lister. I'm not far behind
B. Ohhh, I'm in the presence of an A-lister blogger. With a multitude of fans, commenters, readers and followers.

I also don't whip out my laptop in presentations and conferences because I can't not Twitter for half an hour. This I really don't get. The self importance to constantly have laptop open...

Sometimes I worry about these people. They are getting more and more removed from reality. More excited about the next 'hot' thing that's a storm in a teacup.
Yes, the time we live in is a very exciting one for marketers, technology and the general evolution of society as a whole.

Today I went to a really nice breakfast for social media folk, sponsored by Text100. They gave us food (bonus) and a speaker (also a bonus). His name is Eric Reuters in Second Life. He loves it, a little too much that he is losing sight of the big picture. He got over excited about the numbers, the stats and the fit with the general population.
He was adamant that Second Life users are early adopters. This may be true in the realms of technology and those involved in the social media uptake, but my belief is that early adopters exist in every type of field. Ranging from gardening, to cars to a fine chamois. You can't be an early adopter in everything, therefore not everything fits for the early adopter who lives in Second Life.
It is a great platform and can be extremely beneficial, but only when used in the right way.

My advice, keep things in check and don't salivate over code.

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