Wednesday, December 5, 2007

To all the prehistoric ad people out there

by Fern Siegel: Nielsen- Younger Viewers Scramble To Catch TV
The young work harder--at least when it comes to watching TV. According to a Nielsen study, 56% of 18- to-34-year-old adults make a concerted effort to watch TV. Rather than forfeit an episode of a favorite show, they rely on DVRs, the Web, VOD and MP3 players, versus 21% of those over 55.

Is it sinking in yet?
I don't know how many articles we have to read before you dinasours get what's going on. This type of information is a no brainer.

Here is a quote of the day "Steve McGowan, Nielsen senior vice president, client research initiatives, the study is a glimpse into the future. He says the findings will have tremendous implications on how networks schedule and distribute their programming."

Thanks Steve. I don't know about the schedule and distribute part, but the glimpse into the future is bang on the money. Users are taking up these new behaviours and they're liking them and adopting them. Anything which facilitates an easier way of life gets a big tick. That's what the future is all about.

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