Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bloggers Beware

The New York Times: Full-time bloggers, who are often given incentives based on the number of page views they generate or the number of stories they write, put their health at risk due to the 24-hour demands of the profession. Being first to a story can generate a page view boon. Hence, bloggers rarely sleep, are addicted to coffee, are constantly connected to their computers. It uses the examples of tech bloggers Russell Shaw, who died of a heart attack two weeks ago, Marc Orchant, who died of a massive coronary, Om Malik, who nearly died of a heart attack in December, and TechCrunch creator Michael Arrington, who says: "At some point, I'll have a nervous breakdown and be admitted to the hospital, or something else will happen. This is not sustainable."

Some question the impartiality of the Times' article. The blogosphere isn't blogging itself to death. Sure, some bloggers work too hard trying to grow their company or make more money, but these are personal choices. Bloggers, like any professional, choose how hard they drive themselves. Truth is, there are many overworked people across a broad spectrum of professions. As Marc Andreesen says, let's not blame the bloggers for it. Many bloggers are overworked, but so are many advertising executives.

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What's the definition of a stereotypical blogger- a computer nerd who stays at home all day, with white pasty skin, glasses, scraggly hair or bald, never getting out of their pyjamas or never even really going to bed and lives off and through the internet.
I don't succumb to that whole sick blogger culture- taking the laptop everywhere I go. Going to conferences and not even listening because I'm on the internet the entire time. Snickering about other bloggers because they're only B listers. It's such garbage.

Bloggers, how about you snap out of your fantasy land, get back to reality and maybe live a little healthier?

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