Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Get your bitch-slap on

Since the ad noise going on is rather boring, I've been entertaining myself with three parts Twitter and one part Amanda Chapel.

This character, I've heard a lot about her, is apparently really a man. Why anyone would want to spend additional amounts of time on Twitter as a character (and a lot of time, morning, noon, night and all the time) , I do not know.
But she talks a lot of shit, ruffles a lot of feathers and is meant to be an authority on PR. She-he may well be an authority, I don't know.

But now that I took it upon my wings to go into battle with her, a lot of people have come out of the woodwork to say she is a dick and I should get her good.
I think this has been accomplished. I'm actually bored of it already. She isn't a very good sparring partner, more abusive. Nothing clever in the use of the 140 character tweet.
Here is the lame stream.

And what's more, I have been looking at this image on my netvibes for weeks:

You know what that looks like? Reminds me of a Gucci ad I once saw

Only when I zoomed in to the real image yesterday, did I see what it really was:

If the short saga wasn't good enough....I think she has banned me from being a follower! Even more amusing. Wisey 1. Chapel 0.

I grew up with tormenting and torturous older brothers and sisters. I learned how to give it just as well, if not better than I could take it. This piss-ant has given Amanda Chapel - a likely pasty, overweight, middle-aged man, more than the she-he bargained for!

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