Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Retailers Get Social with Facebook

eMarketer: Nearly 60 of the top 100 online retailers have Facebook pages, and more retailers are there than on other social media sites. But just because it's a casual environment doesn't mean it should be taken lightly.

Just make sure your content isn't, how do you say, shit.
Yes, there is a surge of marketers putting their crap on social networks, yet they fail to realise the tone of the medium.
Reminds me of this little post. My old mates at Carat tried to create a group on the FB for berocca. In my opinion, a complete bomb (although now we're up to 1000 members). Facebook isn't another portal for your pack shot and marketing spiel. FB is a leisure activity and any marketing conducted on the FB should be conducted in such a manner.
Compare the berocca to my good friend, the Pillsbury doughboy. He knows how to work that yeast. The whole thing is probably consumer generated, but the fun in "If the Pillsbury Doughboy had a Facebook profile, I'd poke him 24/7" has 14,000 members and works a bloody treat.

If you're thinking about planting your info on a social network, save it. You've got a rich medium, with people willing to participate. Answer to that instead.

Maybe that put his poo in the ice cream...

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