Monday, October 13, 2008

Verizon Plan To Charge Text Message Fee Irks Marketers

by Mark Walsh: Verizon Wireless on Friday seemed to step back from a controversial plan to charge companies a 3-cent fee for text messages it delivers to its subscribers. RCR Wireless News first reported Thursday that Verizon would impose the new charge for every message handled on its network starting Nov. 1. But with mobile marketers expressing alarm about the potential impact of the proposed fee, the No. 2 wireless carrier appeared to soften its position on the matter.

And did you ask consumers about how they felt regarding this matter?
My presumption would be a big fat NO. Because who is going to get lumped with that 3 cent sum? The users of course.
What is with the vicious cycle we're living in right now? Companies and money makers have these blinders on, looking at short term benefits without realising the impacts and effects into the future. I'm actually shocked with their inability to appreciate their consumer.

The jig, will at some point, be up. As users realise they're paying for part of the advertising message, they will unsubscribe and/or be massively pissed with Verizon. Isn't one of the great benefits of advertising the ability to subsidise the cost for users and in turn allow those users to keep returning in the long run?

The main point that I've been reiterating for weeks, is that if you don't gear your brand/product/service towards the consumer, you will be fcucked. i.e. if you forget your consumer, your real bread and butter, they'll forget you. All that stuff about transparency, louder user groups and a more open public forum all comes back to the user and the individual. Remember them and you'll be right.

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