Monday, November 24, 2008

Dumbest website in middle earth

Nokia has made this unloader. You give it your shitty excel/powerpoint/word doc/email or whatever and it scrunches it into a ball, sets it on fire and then apparently recycles it.

3 problems
1. The lame comment at the bottom of the page saying no documents were harmed in the making of the site. Ok, documents aren't real, it's a dumb joke, dumb and dumber kind of unfunny and has no real merit.

2. The idea that you are 'recycling' the document post printing it out, burning it, extingusihing it and then putting it in the recycling bin is insulting. The carbon footprint from that alone is a ridiculous and a frivolous waste. Nor does it annul my feeling of wishing to unload various documents.
I find the delete button a lot more gratifying and it saves a lot more time than having to watch a droid waste energy in doing so.

3. After all that, I'm still not exactly sure what the unloader has to do with phones. What have I missed?

Unloader gets my lame vote of the day

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