Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's time for a lowdown ho-down

Been a bit of news the last few days, and no real time to write on it. So, going to venture in a vomit news fest.
And why is there all of a sudden so much going on when we've been so quiet for months?
Do you think it's because of the GFC (global financial crisis) and subsequent tightening of belts that has caused such a hoopla?

Facebook Steps Up SEO for Brand Pages with Millions of New Indexable Links: In a move that will increase the amount of Page Rank and traffic Google gives to Facebook Pages, Facebook launched a new feature over the weekend that essentially added hundreds of millions of new internal links to Facebook’s brand Pages in users’ public search listings.
Public search listings are Facebook’s way of exposing user information to Google. Before today, the default public search listings included users’ name, profile picture, network, and a few friends’ photos. Now, Facebook has added Pages that users are a fan of to users’ default public search listings.

Interesting, new, potentially annoying. One thing I do know, lots of people will change their public search listing settings...

Everyone's been talking about it, it appears I missed that boat. But I just want you to know I saw it too.
Favourite quote is "What in heaven's name made you think you could monetize the real estate in which somebody is breaking up with their girlfriend?"
The fact that people are breaking up with their girlfriends on Facebook is in itself a bit worrisome.
Death to Facebook!

Comcast Nets Push Digital Product Placements
by Wayne Friedman
Comcast Networks has made a deal with London-based tech company MirriAd for Comcast's cable networks: E!, Style, Versus, Golf Channel and G4. MirriAd will insert digital product placement images into existing video content as if they were included in the original shows.

Sick. Wonder how long this will last.
"A Sophisticated approach for what is an increasingly sophisticated broadcast and advertising environment."
I dunno dude. Sounds like a bit of bastardisation to me. If I was offered a potential placement in this media I believe I would turn it down.

TV Watch: Recession's Upside: Better Ratings From Unhappier Viewers: TV executives should love unhappy TV viewers. In a weakening economy, with advertising dollars slipping away, more TV viewers with sad faces could be the silver lining.

"Through good and bad economic times, our diary studies have consistently found that work is the major activity correlate of higher TV viewing hours," says John Robinson, the co-author of a University of Maryland study on time use. "As people have progressively more time on their hands, viewing hours increase."

This is bullshit in this day and age. The last GEC didn't have internet and youtube. This isn't going to happen so I wouldn't get your hopes up.

As Recession Looms, Marketers Turn To Social Media
: More and more marketers are harnessing the power of social media, using blogs, viral videos, and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed and Digg to reach consumers. According to Reuters, the common denominator in their advertising efforts is the high level of engagement that the ads demand from consumers.
Of course, marketing through social media also has its risks. For example, just as companies can generate buzz through a social media or viral campaign, so too can they generate a backlash if users deem their marketing efforts unworthy, intrusive or offensive. Johnson & Johnson recently learned that lesson the hard way with an ad for Motrin, a painkiller brand, which offended so many mothers on Twitter that the company was forced to issue an apology for the ad on Monday.

Yes and as more marketers turn to social networking and the medium is bastardised, consumers will drop off.
And I may as well give my bit on the whole Motrin thing since it's been media marketers have a radar and tracker for ad campaigns that fuck up within social media. I'd be safe to say I'm a prime example of hammering a campaign for going about it the wrong way. What's the funniest thing is that Motrin was live for a few months before anyone even noticed anything. Great. Good work social media peeps, you finally noticed their transgression. Why isn't anyone talking about the lack of awareness to this? Usually the tech geeks are right on the pulse of this stuff. Baffling.

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