Monday, November 10, 2008

New Ads Pop Up In Video Blank Spaces

by Mark Walsh: Advertisers favor video pre-roll ads but viewers find them annoying. Overlay ads are less intrusive but haven't caught on with marketers. Now technology startup Keystream is introducing a video ad alternative it believes will prove superior to pre-rolls and overlay ads placed at the bottom of the screen.
Even though potentially intrusive, why do I like it?
Hmm. I'm liking this.
I think it's because you go straight into the content and with the development of banner blindness, this along with that, disappears into peripheral vision.

I do hate those water marky things that were coming up all over TV in the US, but if this is static and contained in that little box, I don't think it's so bad. It's those moving around ones that are the worst.

And how's that MySpace/Viacom thing going? The thing where Myspace is prerolling any Viacom content with an automatic Viacom pre roll. Love that. Nice solution to infringed content.

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