Thursday, November 6, 2008

Say Goodbye To Experimental Spending In 2009

by Mark Walsh: Spending on emerging media such as social networking sites, digital out-of-home and mobile is likely to contract next year as marketers tighten ad budgets because of the worsening economy, a group of agency and brand executives said Wednesday. "09 is not the year for testing," warned Donna Speciale, president of investment and activation at MediaVest USA, speaking on a panel at ad:tech New York on media planning and buying in the digital era. "Brands want to stick with areas that are tried and true."

Rubbish and poppycock. If you will, pure hyperbole. Don't be swayed by this rubbish.
Tried and true is no longer true. It's falling, failing and doing both fast. So Donna 'blueplate' Speciale, I don't know why you've made a generalist statement like this.
Sticking to what media peeps have been sticking to for the last 2 decades is not the best way to go in the current consumer landscape. People will still continue to use media in the ways that they have been- looking for efficiencies and finding some form of added utility to their daily lives. By added utility I mean some form of information or benefit, in relation to a product, that allows an individual to function better.
We're all time poor, cash poor but still after the premiums- new styles of marketing can help someone get there, and sometimes with a bit of entertainment along the way.
In honesty, doing what Donna says is the dumbest thing you could ever do! Sticking to boring TV ads and print. Radio! Who wants radio? A boring, one sided strategy. Especially since other, more malleable platforms are much more cost efficient!
And I don't think we can call this 'experimentation' either- consumers have shifted, massively. So has technology. It's relatively new, but we know how people are reacting to this technology and they want it. Not only that, they value it if it meets their needs in the right way. I don't think a 30" TVC really fulfils that.

So kids. Reality. Reality check. That's where I'm coming from. You too should take the time to conduct your own. Beneficial. I recommend.

"The clock's run out, time's up over, bloah!
Snap back to reality, Oh there goes gravity"

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