Thursday, December 18, 2008

How Digital Media Will Deliver Tangible Benefits

AdAge: In the Two Weeks Since my Last Column, The Trend Toward Intangible Media has Accelerated
Last time in this space I outlined my conviction that five years from now all media will either be completely digital or well on its way to becoming intangible. Two weeks later, the trend has accelerated.

Steve Rubel again declares doozie

The last article wasn't so bad. Steve said one thing that made sense- tangible papery media consumption will decline because of various environmental issues. Fair enough.

But this has just taken too far. Steve, you're worse than a defense attorney. Twisting words and occurrences of the last two weeks as further proof to your fermented pudding. Plus, you never mention the tangible benefits....

The facts are that there are a lot of mitigating factors that are causing papers to shut down- perchance the GFC*. Sadly, this has nothing to do with your prediction that all media will become intangible by 2014.

*global financial crisis

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