Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Clinique TV is below par

About a month ago (10th December to be exact), this site came out- Clinique TV.

I was excited. I was chuffed. An aussie division of a conglomerate had got their act together and had the balls to go 2.0.

Some time has passed and it's been a sufficient amount of time for some development. I've seen some display ads around the place we call the internet and I went back to have a visit. Yes, I gave them a click through rather than type in the URL.

I get to the site and it's exactly the same.

STILL - only 5 how-to videos

STILL - only 2 your-say videos

STILL - only 2 event videos

STILL - only 3 interview videos

and the forums- no updates since mid December.

Well kids, this is NOT the way to run an interactive site. I bet the creators in question had this idea of all the cool shit they could do, without the inclination to have the following in place:

1. A timeline of topics/videos/further content in order for you to keep populating the site.
This is a necessity for a couple of reasons:

  • If you want people to keep coming back, you need to create new content for them to see. No one wants to watch re-peats of the same video unless it's Beyonce's Single ladies.

  • It is a huge misconception to think that consumers will upload content without encouragement from the continuous flow of other uploaded content. People are sheep and enjoy safety in numbers.

2. Do not create Vox Pops

No one cares. They're too structured and they're old school. Marketers/agencies think this is a good content filler, but it's more damaging than useful.
I see there are clinique it girls. There is only video about these girls. I imagine this is the "crew", these girls are the impetus for content creation. Well? Where are the rest of their videos? Why aren't they involved? Why aren't they making new content every few days?

3. All hands on deck.

No one wants to go to a community where no one is going. That's not very fun.

The company itself needs to become the base of the community. Who else knows the most about clinique but those who work on it? Without this base, everything they've worked on will slip into the ether without an eyeball having viewed it.

4. Social/site manager required

You can't make these babies without someone who is continually checking in, talking to people, making sure questions are answered and making sure things are happening in general. It's an ecosystem, but one that needs heavy massaging and direction.

Hopefully there is more coming from Clinique TV, but right now it's shithouse and needs a virtual berocca.

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Anonymous said...

We have updated this site - we have had some hold ups due to our head office in the US. We welcome you back to the site to tell us what you think. We are also adding 23 new how to videos by April.