Sunday, January 4, 2009

uh-uh, no way

This is fucking horrid:

Semantic Web startup AdaptiveBlue on Tuesday is launching a new service, called Glue, that connects people around everyday things, including books, movies and music through a wide range of Web sites, including Amazon,, Netflix, Yahoo! Finance, and Citysearch.
"When we get together with our friends, we don't talk about URLs, we talk about things--about books, movies, wine, etc.," adds Burnham. "With this release, AdaptiveBlue is making it possible for people to come together around the things that mean something to them, not just the pages they visit."

This is stalking. This is removing normal social behaviours (e.g. real life conversations) from society. I don't want someone to know what I looked at online- if I wanted them to know I'd tell them, to THEIR FACE!

It isn't a pleasant feeling to know that someone is always watching, always knowing what you're doing behind the scenes. Sometimes it's nice to do something on your own, and it's always freaky to hear when someone knows that you did something/were somewhere without you knowing.
Things are getting too open and it's making many people uncomfortable.

My prediction on this is that users will hate it, but the marketers will lap it up due to the oh-so-wonderful social graph and the ability to use people as marketing spruikers.

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