Tuesday, September 18, 2007

MTV, YouTube Capitalize on Britney, VMAs

From TheStreet.com
The so-called "Britney Bomb" at MTV's Video Music Awards was certainly a ratings boost for Viacom's MTV, but it was also, significantly, a great day for online video providers--particularly MTV. According to the Street.com, MTV's strategy to show the awards once on cable television provided the boost it wanted for its Web site. And Britney Spears' "universally celebrated" disaster comeback helped drive the highest day of traffic ever on MTV.com in terms of unique visitors and video streams.

What does the Digitas Digestif have to say??

This whole thing has been an excellent marketing ploy. I don’t think Britney was ever going to perform. Yet, she still managed to pull audience for herself, for MTV and anyone wanting to see the royal-stuff-up through web (even if it was short lived). And people are STILL talking about it!
In my opinion, Brit-Brit still has at least 2 more of these fiascos before she pulls a rabbit out of the hat. Fans and other viewers will still watch each and every performance purely for the spectacle.
Sadly, in a kind of Murphy’s Law way, as soon as she is back I predict a lot of audience will lose interest. Some see the entertaining factor is in her demise.

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