Friday, September 21, 2007

Ogilvy, Carat CEOs Clash on IAB Panel

NEW YORK ( -- Sparks were flying between Ogilvy North America co-CEO Carla Hendra and Carat Americas CEO David Verklin on the opening panel at IAB's Mixx Conference. And no, they weren't those kind of sparks.

The digestif loves biff!

Well, who doesn't? Who doesn't love someone shouting "fight, fight" and then watching all in earshot gravitate towards the scene?

I definitely do.

I would have loved to have seen these 2 in action. I've met both of them. Carla loves to talk Ogilvy and Dove, and she should. It changed the way we do marketing today.

And Carat isn't without its own issues either... David is about 2 feet tall (in comparison to myself) and is loud. He;s smart, but extremely loud.
I was once standing next to him during a little speech. He nearly blew my eardrum out.

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