Thursday, October 25, 2007

How to work a social net-work which works

People register in droves at the office
by Gavin O'Malley
It looks like NBC managed to make a good thing better when it attached a stylized social network to its popular series "The Office."

Digestif likes 'to take the edge off' after a hard day at the office
This works because NBC has taken a product and reworked it for the current consumer need.

Consumers have changed and they no longer want to just watch a TV show, or just use your service. They want to interact and get more value out.

The Office has the advantage of being a great offering. There is so much NBC can work off in order to create a functional utility in which users get value. Furthermore, it's a natural fit because the Office has seen the opportunities available to them and allowed their consumers to tap into the benefits associated with the program.

This can be done for every brand, every product and every service. It doesn't have to be a social network and it doesn't have to be forced. If you can't see the fit and you want help with something, send me a line...

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