Wednesday, October 31, 2007


It's Not the Media That Matter, but the Modes
Tune In: Understand the Mind-Sets That Drive Consumer Behavior
We've all read stories heralding the death of advertising as we know it. But have consumers really abandoned advertising? The answer, it seems, rests on the shoulders of the people who buy our brands and recommend them to others -- not with advertisers, marketers or consultants

Seriously- read this article
Rick Milenthal has got it going on!
Consumer research has always been a bit warped. Asking a question to a consumer in a focus group and then going to their home- they do say and do different things.
People are often speaking of their aspirations. It's a psychological, motivational need that all people subscribe to. If someone asks me what I do at night, I'll say I'm really social and active. I'm actually not a slob who sits on a couch watching reruns of ANTM...

The point is, is people are watching TV, utlising media where they do take note of advertising. We in the industry are the ones with the ability and know how to create advertising of some use, rather than it be some annoying background noise (like those bloody Wendy's ads).

Different sources are breaking down this new behaviour in different ways. Take it all in and apply your own model to your specific target. After all we live in an age of "diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks".

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