Friday, October 26, 2007

MySpace users: 3 hrs and 13 mins (per month) V Facebook users: 3 hrs 33mins per month

Is MySpace Running Out of Time to Deliver?
Business Week
Facebook may be ubiquitous, but rival MySpace is still three to four times the size of Mark Zuckerberg's white-hot social network. It's also older, too, which means the pressure on parent News Corp. to turn the 100 million member-plus social network into a money-making machine is building. Analysts and investors are waiting.

However, any day now, MySpace parent Fox Interactive Media is set to unveil a new targeting advertising system that takes advantage of its users' demonstrated behaviors, likes and dislikes. Whether this helps display ads become more effective is an open question. Not everyone is convinced.

The Digestif reflects
All this social network stuff is getting on my nerves.
It's hoopla, it's rubbish, it's a storm in a teacup.
Bottom line is- different users use different sites for a reason....they're different types of users.
Some of your target will fit the mySpace profile, others the facebook and others still the Bebo or Pownce profile.
It's up to marketers and planners to discern which is the most appropriate.
A 70million user base and a 42million strong user base are both equally impressive (granted there may be overlap). But, if you disregard the data, the facts and the real numbers in relation to a campaign then they don't mean nothing!

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