Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nice and good and friendly

Can e-mail borrow social networking's mojo?

E-mail is the most-used Web application, but it may seem a little old-school to the generation that is coming of age using social networks like Facebook and MySpace to keep in touch with their friends. Big Web portals that supply e-mail accounts to users, notably Yahoo! and MSN, are beginning to incorporate social-networking features into their offerings.

The Wall Street Journal

Digestif feels all warm and fuzzy
I don't know how many times I tell people: Marketing has changed, advertising isn't what it used to be, consumers don't want to be sold to purely so the advertiser can make money.
Consumers want to feel like they are a part of something.
They opt in to a product and they expect an array of utilities and facilities in return.
I'm not saying a product like a toothbrush should get into the mix. I don't expect my toothbrush to have a mobile site where I find my latest tooth hot tips. But, I do expect my heavily based user service products to step up to the plate and deliver to my needs. Making my life more convenient in the process.

As studies find that Facebook users are using their in boxes more frequently, it's good to see mail providers go in to the game from the reverse angle.

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