Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some TV viewing stats for statisticians

TV is on eight hours a day in average U.S. home

Television viewing levels are holding steady, with Nielsen Media Research data indicating that, on average, a television was on for eight hours and 14 minutes per day in U.S. households from Sept. 18, 2006 to Sept. 23, 2007, a figure unchanged from the previous year.

Digestif chases its tail
I think TV will stay steady. It may even grow.

There are so many conflicting arguments to this debate, I'm struggling to get my views in order.

However, the biggest things to think about are the new generations developing their 'new media habits', and sorry to the +55s out there, but you guys phasing out.
The new generations' standard media platforms are different to what once was. TV is a monolith. A big flat screen is sexy, but when are they actually home to watch it?
Handheld TV devices will escalate.
The only concern is, will these new audiences change their habits once they hit the lifestage of family+kids? Or will life stage continue to be a major factor, contributing to levels of home consumption increases once users have families??

Think it out.

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