Thursday, October 18, 2007

Free TV shows may air on cellphones

Mobile-phone users will be able to tune into free, digital-quality local broadcast television on their mobile phones after the switch to all-digital broadcasts in 2009, if a plan by broadcasters takes effect. The plan involves beaming a special digital signal designed to fit the small screen that could be played by mobile devices equipped with TV tuners.
USA Today

What does the Digestif object to?

Nothing really. This is a pretty good idea.
I hear rumours that there is a feeling in the market, that American carriers extort their users. Yes, extort.
It's a hard truth, but that's the feeling. I just tell it like it is.

Once this launches it will be interesting to see what CTRs are like. My standing on the whole mobile/internet banner issue is that it is ineffective. A 1.5% average click through is not a good statistic. 98.5% of people are ignoring your ad. We aren't aiming for wastage campaigns, are we?

The model is still developing on both of these media. The model may even be something which is fluid. And we're beginning to see that the model is dictating targeting your specific audience, having fewer impressions, less reach but getting at least a 40% click through rate.

Call me crazy. I am. I won't mind.

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Michael said...

A few issues come to mind...
>Scale: Outside of the major metros, what is the actual market size for smartphones.
>Screen Size: Currently, there are players in the mobile tv space - VCast, MobiTv - but there has been relatively low adoption. One reason, Jeopardy just isn't as sexy on a tiny mobile phone screen.
>Technology: All those iPhone users with the fancy screens wouldn't even be able to stream the content unless they are on a Wifi connection.

net net: unless this is free, phones have massive screens, widespread adoption outside of major metros, this is more of PR BS than an actual future impact on media consumption. at least it was nice press.