Monday, November 19, 2007

Analysis: Consumers adjust to ad clutter

Advertising Age
Advertising is pushing into new corners of media, on the front pages of newspaper sections and scrolling across the bottoms of TV screens while a show is in progress. While this offers marketers new advertising territory, some are concerned that consumers are tuning out the ads.

Give me strength...
Are the people who write these articles or do these studies, normal?? Do they even watch television, read a magazine or use the internet?
Ooh, I like the use of those verbs for each of those activities, it indicates the level of engaged behaviour.
Ads are annoying, so, surprise surprise, people don't like ads. They know what they are, they know they are being blatantly sold to and they develop an ability to ignore.
Conversely people love doing something which is fun, gives them an experience and doing something they get value out of. That's when they don't mind being sold to.

So Tonto, you see, your task is simple.

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